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Israel seeks to end ancient African Jewish custom

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Descendants of the lost Israelite tribe of Dan, according to Jewish lore, Ethiopian Jews spent millennia isolated from the rest of the Jewish world. In most Jewish communities, the priesthood of the Bible was replaced by rabbis who emphasized text study and prayer. Ethiopia's Jewish kessoch continued the traditions of Biblical-era priests, sacrificing animals and collecting the first fruits of the harvest.

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Comment by Winsmith
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 It is amazing that few people can name the third group in the New Testament besides the Jews and the Gentiles. Can you? If so, do so here.

Comment by PureTrust
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Much of what the official modern day Jewish religion consists of, comes from the Talmud, a group of writings that were mostly put together in ancient Babylon. During the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of ancient Babylon around 500 BC, Israel and Judah were conquered, Jerusalem destroyed, and all Israel was either taken into captivity, or else was under the dominion of Nebuchadnezzar.

A few Jews rebelled and went to Egypt, on a journey that God had said they should never make again. It seems that some made it to Ethiopia, as well.

During the 70 years of captivity in Babylon, much of the Talmud came into being. It made the laws of Moses to be much more strict than they had been. It started Israel down a road of legalism - a road that much of Jewry still attempts to travel on to this day.

The Tanakh (Old Testament) is not nearly as strict. The Tanakh, or parts of it, are what the Ethiopian Jews are following.

It's all about politics. The strict Jews - the Talmud Jews - who want everyone to follow the Talmud, are trying to oust anyone who would follow only the Old Testament. Why would they do this? Because they would lose their place as the Jewish Government in the world, if anyone else were allowed to follow a freer (more accurate) form the Jewish religion.

The Gentiles of the world, along with many of the Jewish people of the world, recognize that the Talmud is not part of the Bible... that it is not true Jewish religion... that much of it is Babylonian religion. Those who use the Talmud - most of modern Jewry - are inferior in their religious beliefs to those who practice the teachings of the Tanakh, only.

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