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Justice Dept, FBI Say Interest in Online Privacy an ‘Indicator’ of Terrorism

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A new flyer released by the Department of Justice and the FBI, emblazoned with the logos of each agency and being circulated to Internet cafes and other businesses, warns of “potential indicators of terrorist activities.”

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Comment by David Jackson
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 Aren't we all so verey lucky? We get to have a system crammed up our collective a---- that affords every dirtbag piece of crap in the world an opportunity to exploit us, and an equal numer of s---heads in government to declare a threat and a need to monitor and control our communications and thoughts, so that they can 'keep us safe":  I'd tell you what I really think, but this is a family site.

 I'd suggest using the mail, but who can trust it? If delivery is made, there's little or no guarantee that your correspondence hasn't been read or tampered with!

 Hell, if you try to send anything of value - I'm down about $600, cash and checks, not to mention that I've had my PO Box rentied out from under me, twice, you might as well save the postage and set it on fire...It's not very likely to reach its destination.

 At the current rate of "inflated fees", it won't be long before it costs more to send something than the something is worth - espicially, if we have another Olympics for the Post Office to squander "our " money on!

 Anyway, be afraid, be very afraid. Afterall, there's surely a terrorist under every mouse pad.