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In Washington state, Ron Paul has a shot at first win

• By Mitchell Landsberg, Los Angeles Times
  He has the organization. He has the fired-up base. There are just two questions about Ron Paul's performance in Washington state's Republican caucuses.

Can he win? And will it matter?

The congressman from Texas may have a shot at declaring his first victory of the Republican primary season on Saturday when Washington Republicans gather for caucuses at libraries, community centers, Grange halls and restaurants statewide. He came in a strong third in the state's caucuses in 2008, and has energized new followers in the four years since.

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Comment by Anonymous75
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Are you taken by his camera-antics -- obsession -- that he is an "expert" in monetary economics when he does not even know that a token silver coin is not money, and by his shameless claim that he is the only "Constitutionalist" among all the GOP candidates for president, an expertise he earned as a doctor of Medicine, by delivering babies? Not even a minute hair-size link that connects him to any of those. If you let yourself be taken by any "fake" crazy politician in this coming election -- not just Ron Paul whom the New Hampshire newspaper described as a candidate from the "lunatic fringe" -- there must be something wrong with you.

Comment by Kanumptsen
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It does not matter.  According to JV, Ron Paul is going to drop out of the race. You are just wasting space printing his name in headlines as if it is real when it is as fake as that100-dollar boob job in Tijuana.