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Ron Paul slams “counterfeit” conservatives

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After his rivals accused presidential hopeful Ron Paul of working to help the campaign of Mitt Romney, the congressman from Texas is taking on the Republican Party frontrunner — and the rest of the GOP establishment — with his latest mailer.

Some Republican voters in the state of Oklahoma received a political ad from Representative Ron Paul in their mailboxes this week urging them to discredit the congressman’s competition, which he considers a collective of “counterfeit” conservatives.

The advert also serves as the first time that the libertarian-leaning lawmaker has openly attacked former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney after Senator Rick Santorum suggested that the two were conspiring together.

Paul’s latest plug takes on all of the other competing candidates, with a warning that “Counterfeits won’t cut it.” The congressman includes pictures of Romney, Santorum and Newt Gingrich, along with items from each competitor’s political career that would cause more conservative-minded Oklahoma residents to think twice before casting their vote.

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Comment by panocha
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I like JV’s gold teeth example for money. PureTrust who goes to the grocery store to buy food, will run out of gold teeth. And if he does, he gets no food no more, he will starve or steal. Either way, not good for him since using the dollar bill is "unconstitutional"! He won’t like it because he would even hate to smile with those gold teeth missing!

Good Lord, what a mess he has gotten into. Pussycat is right in showing those New Hampshire newspaper characters from the "lunatic fringe"!

Comment by Anonymous
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Wowww … look at this comment: "ONLY gold and silver is CONSTITUTIONAL money. If Federal Reserve Notes are money, they have been enacted as such outside of the authority Constitution … (sic)

We have here the best example of what a comment from the "lunatic fringe" looks like!

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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Go to the grocery today. Take off your gold teeth, then pay the grocery with your gold teeth. If the cashier won't accept your gold teeth as payment for your grocery and they throw you out of the door, sue the grocery.

Oh, by the way include the U.S. Government in your lawsuit for the "unconstitutionality" of the Green Buck. Tell the Sheriff exactly what you said in your comment that only gold is a "constitutional" money, and that he violates his oath for allowing dollar bills as money. If the ambulance brings you to the asylum, give me a call from there. I want to record your comment and play it for you later on after your release.

Comment by PureTrust
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Actually, ONLY gold and silver is CONSTITUTIONAL money. If Federal Reserve Notes are money, they have been enacted as such outside of the authority Constitution. If Government is "living" outside of the Constitution, I and many Americans ask, what is the authority under which they are acting? Who gave them their authority? Why do they keep on with the deception that their authority stems from the Constitution?

What this shows is that Government, at least at the top levels, is corrupt to the core.

Ron Paul, if elected President, will never be able to turn a corrupt Congress towards righteousness. However, as a TOP candidate, he might wake enough of the people up so that they, the people, make the correction.

Comment by George Voit
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Ron Paul, that "Silver Circle" you are holding is a token silver coin -- IT IS NOT MONEY! Poor guy! Dr. Bernanke has to tell him, and make him understand!