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Holder: U.S. can lawfully murder American citizens without trial

• Washington Post
The U.S. government has the right to order the killing of American citizens overseas if they are senior al-Qaeda leaders who pose an imminent terrorist threat and cannot reasonably be captured, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said Monday.

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Comment by PureTrust
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This whole article is pure cover-up for what they are doing right here inside America, and to non-terrorists, right now, and for who knows how many years and even decades in the past. It's just that over here, most of the time they use the para-military groups known as the POLICE or SWAT.

You don't think so? Try a Google search on "police brutality" and Google will give you millions of hits. Many of these talk about police nazi-style murders of American citizens inside America. These citizens will forever remain innocent. Why? Because the police assassinated them before they had a chance to get to trial. Innocent until proven guilty.

Google: "Jose Guerena" and learn about how SWAT murdered an American marine war hero, in Tucson, less than a year ago, right in his own home, for no reason at all, except that they felt like it.

This whole article here, shows how our leaders are trying to cover up the fact that they have been doing this for a long time, now, and right inside America to average citizens, as well. Will you be next on their hit list? Will you even live long enough to find out why? Are we finding out that it is the terrorists that run our Government and Law Enforcement? Do the Google searches and judge for yourself.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 "Do you have any idea how much tyrants fear the people they oppress? All of them realize that one day, amongst their many victims, there is sure to be one who rises against them and strikes back."

-- J.K. Rowling, The Half-Blood Prince

Comment by PureTrust
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Possibly the most important thing for us to remember in our fight for freedom, is that our enemies have to fight way harder than we do to win. This article, and others like it, are about ONE major thing ONLY. They are about planting fear in the hearts and minds of the populace.

If the population is full of fear, they cower in the corners, waiting to be taken captive. It is fear that loses the game. It is fear that loses the war.

We are a much stronger force than our opponents. Why? Because freedom is a natural thing. They have to overcome nature to make their fear and slavery work. And the hardest thing that they have to do, is to overcome nature within themselves and within those who are going to be their fighting force. It's not easy.

Some will die in the fight. But freedom will forever win.

Consider for a moment, what if Obama wanted to become Dictator, or even Emperor? What would he have to sacrifice to be able to do it? Making a nation of over 300 million free people into a nation of over 300 million slaves is not an easy task. Obama or anyone else will have to work very hard to do it.

What will someone lose in his attempt to make slaves of all America? Because it is not an easy task, the slave maker will lose a lot of freedom in doing it. And he just might lose his life in the attempt. But if he wins, he will still lose, because he will never be able to hold it. At some point he will want freedom from the mess he has gotten himself into.

FEAR IS OUR BIGGEST ENEMY. Fear is our loss. Throw off FEAR and get in there and fight for FREEDOM, and we will win.

Vote Ron Paul 2012. And if he is not on the ballot, write him in. And record the even with your cell-cam if you can get away with it.

Comment by PureTrust
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JV and his comrades don't seem to be aware that the sword cuts both ways. I wonder if they have been good enough boys and girls in their dictators' eyes so that the sword won't cut them along with the rest of us. Oh that's right. JV and his cohorts willingly sacrifice themselves for the cause - loss of money, loss of property, loss of sons and daughters, loss of spouses, even loss of life - willingly, all for the cause, so that the sword will have no trouble at all if it decides to strike their way - like a hot knife through butter.

Comment by Temper Bay
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I wonder if Holder is even remotely aware this a sword that cuts both ways.