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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud

16,022 Ron Paul Votes Stolen by Voting Machines.. Watch Diebold Machine in ACTION!

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Comment by GrandPoobah
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So ... is there a SINGLE example of exit polls differing from the counted votes by more than say 1%. Until I see that, I will put this conspiracy in the same bucket as "All those commuters in DC who actually saw a plane hit the pentagon were part of a conspiracy run the the mossad and the pope"

Comment by Ufactdirt
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All votes not for Ron Paul are rigged? Well, for now let's just believe that he is already the elected President. Ummm ...wake me up when it's all over.

Comment by Anonymously Yours
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 You don't thing the recent Florida GOP Primary election was rigged?  The Florida Elections have most likely been rigged for years. The brothers in the book Vote Scam caught people punching cards twice back in the old days before computer voting.  Wake up.    

Comment by trevor
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Uh...very misleading. The docu is from the Bush-Gore elections and has nothing to do with Ron Paul votes.