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Vets groups suing DOD, CIA over secret chemical tests on soldiers


Three veterans groups are seeking class-action status for a lawsuit they filed in 2009 against the Defense Department, the CIA and the Army on behalf of thousands of soldiers who participated in research programs at Edgewood Arsenal and Fort Detrick, the trade publication U.S. Medicine reported.

The lawsuit alleges that chemical and biological weapons were tested on soldiers, that the military failed to provide follow-up care for the symptoms they developed, and that nearly all disability claims related to the tests have been denied.

CNN reported about the tests earlier this month, prompting some former soldiers to share their experiences with the network. One was given sarin gas and its antidotes, along with other injections that remain a mystery, and later was found to have damage to his heart. Another developed Parkinson's disease that he blames on the numerous injections and pills he was given at Edgewood; he was never told what they contained.

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Comment by Helene Van Clief
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 Fort McClellan Alabama home of NBC school storaged and made bio-chemicals and the towms water was cotamated do that mean that sueing the town will negate the veteran from proper health care and is the army out of the loop from of the other biochemicals exposed there and all over the country. Is the VA the one who is know how to medicaly trat Biochemical exposures

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 You also might want to look up Project SHAD.

Comment by Ross Wolf
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Considering U.S. Government’s history of conducting covert biological and chemical experiments on their own Citizens, in my opinion, no government agency or school should be allowed to vaccinate or stick a needle in children without parental consent. If I appear not to trust the government to always do the right thing for children—you are correct. I came to this conclusion after reading several shocking published reports that exposed decades of U.S. Government bio-logical experiments on unsuspecting Americans, including children and disabled persons. For example: access the following web address, you may read: (Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans)

Or access (Unethical human experimentation in the United States) at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia at:

Typically when U.S. Government has been exposed for biologically experimenting on unsuspecting Americans and others— the Government offers an apology to its victims including the dead, then has proceeded to harm others with medical, biological, radiation or chemical experiments.