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Minnesota girl alleges school privacy invasion

A Minnesota middle school student, with the backing of the American Civil Liberties Union, is suing her school district over a search of her Facebook and e-mail accounts by school employees.

The 12-year-old sixth grade student, identified in court documents only as R.S., was on two occasions punished for statements she made on her Facebook account, and was also pressured to divulge her password to school officials, the complaint states.

"R.S. was intimidated, frightened, humiliated and sobbing while she was detained in the small school room" as she watched a counselor, a deputy, and another school employee pore over her private communications.


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Comment by Rod Souza
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Schools like Minnewaska seem to have no regard for the standard? Referring

to the Constitution.  I can list dozens of government agencies have no regard for the standard period! Especially when it comes to positions of authority and the justus system.