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Afghanistan: The dead just keep piling up

•, by Mark LeVine

Irvine, CA - It's a well-worn ritual - the expression of outrage and "shock", as President Obama put it. The "condolences to the families" offered by senior leaders of the occupying power to the latest victims of their supposedly benign occupation.

Of course the action in question - which is always the latest in a whole series of actions, with the previous ones conveniently forgotten by the time the next one happens - can "not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect that [we have] for the people of Afghanistan". "We" don't do that. That's what "they" - the people whom we have occupied/sent soldiers into Afghanistan/Iraq/Pakistan/Yemen/ to destroy - do. They are the barbarians who hate us because of "our values", as President Bush so eloquently put it.
We will urge calm and investigate - just like we're investigating the burning of Qurans, urinating on dead fighters and mutilating dead children, and all the other insults and injuries upon Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis and other benighted peoples.

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Comment by James17
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Here we all are again, getting to let off some steam by venting our feelings, all the while those people in public offices around the globe sits around having a good laugh at our comments because they know that we the people can do nothing to stop them from their deadly game of world conquest. USA/UK/France/Germany/Italy and more have their hands involved in the Middle East, and now look at the laws coming onto the books in those countries against us, the people that want the wars to stop. Its now a crime to be against your government and speak out against those in office and demand peace over war. When any of us do protest, look who it is that comes on the scene with clubs, guns and tear gas. Your family members, friends and neighbors all who are working for that paycheck, the world be damned as long as I get paid those fists full of fiat monies.