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When It All Gets Too Much – Eight Tips for Coping During Stressful Times

•, By Gaye Levy

Has it ever happened to you? You put your hands to your head, press hard, and think “it is all too much!”

I mention this today because truly, right now most of the people I know are cramming their already busy days with more chores and more tasks in a never-ending effort to stay ahead of the game. Add prepping and the pursuit of survival skills to our busy lives and, well, there is not much time left for eating and sleeping let alone leisure activities.

Work, household chores, family responsibilities, preparedness tasks, walking the dog, paying the bills, shopping for groceries . . . when does it end? Now I can only speak for myself but periodically yes, I go into drama queen mode and start slamming doors and grouching at people further calling attention to the fact I have reached my functional limit.