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Take The Liberty Not To Forget

•, By Major Van Harl

8 June 2012 is the 45th anniversary of the sudden and brutal attack on the US Naval ship, the USS Liberty. 34 US Sailors, Marines and civilians were killed when the Israel Defense Force repeatedly attacked for more than nine hours. The attack was not the worst part of this tragedy.

To add horrendous insult to injury the administration of the then sitting President gave orders for responding US forces to stand-down and not render combat support. Except for the few surviving crew members and family sadly there are not many who remember or care.

There is always another war and more dead American service members. But this was not war it was an attack by an alleged friend. Some answers would be nice; some closure would be even better—if there is such a thing.

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Comment by Anonymous75
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Only one comment so far, that of Mike Renzulli, makes sense. It means he read the lengthy reports of this unfortunate incident and understands it pretty well.

One comment is nowhere off his rocker, the other, too speculative it lost its bearing.

This is a recurring problem when one learns about the incident using only his ears, not his brain.

Consider the importance of time and circumstances. This incident occurred in the middle of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War when disguises of warships and aircrafts were used by both Israel and Egypt to outwit and out-maneuver each other. Therefore even if the SSS Liberty was flying a visibly hoisted American flag, the two Israeli pilots had a hard time ascertaining whether or not the targeted American vessel was an Egyptian ship of war in disguise. Again, this simply means that the issue of whether or not the pilots saw the American Flag SSS Liberty was flying at the time of the attack was IRRELEVANT. It goes with the ship’s "markings" seen from above that even the Israeli military authorities that were communicating with the Israeli aircrafts and torpedo ships during the attack had difficulty in determining whether or not those were just a clever subterfuge to mislead the enemy.

The most important part to remember out of this freak incident while we commemorate the anniversary of the SSS Liberty tragedy is simply this: The existing U.S.-Israel bilateral alliance in war and in peace is so strong it could withstand and survive even one of the most horrendous incidents they have to carry on their shoulders for a long, long time … truly a heavy load that by now could have broken the camel’s back, so to speak.

This serves notice to Israel’s enemies as well as to kibitzers trying to break this historic Israeli-American military alliance. Based on my study of this incident, this concordat of U.S.-Israeli trust and friendship makes any attempt to break up the bond, just a laughing matter to me. This goes with all the anti-Semitic comments, stories and propaganda regularly published in this website.

Anti-Semitic Iran does not fear Israel once it develops a nuclear bomb. It fears the United State because of U.S. commitment of military aid and assistance to Israel in case this small Jewish country is invaded.

And still, this reality has not yet settled in the mind of pro-Arab apologists, nor did it find a home in the aching brain of paid anti-Semitic propagandists.

And what a donkey they make of themselves.

Comment by PureTrust
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The MAJOR underlying point regarding this incident and many others, is never really answered. The point is, WAS THE TREATY LEGAL AND LAWFUL?

Someone might ask, what does treaty law have to do with this?

The answer is that the only reason our big boats go anywhere else in the world is because of TREATY LAW. The only other reason that our ships might sail is if some other country attacks us, like Japan in WWII.

So, here are the real questions:

1. How many treaties have been signed with other nations... or even non-nations like the U.N.?

2. How many of these treaties are legal according to what U.S. representatives to a treaty are allowed to sign?

3. How many of the treaties legally and lawfully place a binding duty on American citizens to act with regard to foreign countries, or groups like the U.N.?

4. Do U.S. Governmental officials have any authority to make treaties outside of defense treaties?

5. What happens if a treaty is made illegally by a U.S. Gov official; is that treaty null and void; or is it binding?

6. Who oversees the legality of treaties with regard to entire American law?

Seems to me that the treaties that allowed or caused us to be over there in the first place need to be investigated. And the signers of those treaties need to be investigated. And applicable law needs to be investigated from every direction and angle.

If we would get the U.N. out of the United States, we wouldn't have tragedies like this or like 911. Why? Because we wouldn't need to take so much time out watching the U.N.. We could spend more time watching the crooks in our own Government.

With communications like it is today, we can easily avoid things like WWII, except when they are inside jobs!


Comment by Tom52
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I just joined this site in hoping to find answers and help to my towns corruption and our total loss of rights... including speech, thoughts, and media.  Then read this crapola from you.

Seems anywhere I go I have to endure Zionist and Israeli propaganda and paid activist spreading false information or supporting the cacophony of lies and propaganda our Jewish friends in America who happen to control and own most of our media does.  Especially since Jews, Zionist, Marxist, communist, and socialist have total control of my town.  Holding all elected offices, appointed offices, and public service unions and etc.   Including the propaganda taught in government schools and local far left colleges that are also bowing to heavy Jewish influences in this country. They have ruined my town and ensure it stays corrupt, far left leaning, and media totally controlled.  Any one like me that dares to challenge them are attacked in various ways by towns officials, to cops, and various Jewish supported and paid protestors like the left's Antifida ( I think it is called) and so called anti-racist or anti-conservative groups.  All are pro Marxism, pro Israel and pro-Zionism.

Now to the topic;  Are you full of poo-poo Mike?  Have you met, heard or read the mans book being a survivor and sailor during the attack on the USS Liberty?  Apparently not, but activist and Jewish agents don't care about truth or what others say or report.  Israel and the U.S. was and is too busy with damage control and spewing propaganda to report truth.  All have to support Israel in whatever they do, right?  They do which is obvious to non-worshipers of Israel and those of us who are NOT spoon fed information or buy in to it all when told what to believe.  It was an all out assault on an American vessel, period. Any dummy can see that unless they have other allegeinces and sworn to protect Israel and "World Zionism."

No one can mistake a US navy vessel at sea. 

 That should be the very first tip-off to anyone nibbling at the hook of typical Jewish/Israeli/Israeli owned USA media hype and normal social engineering.  You can't fool us awakened veterans and those of us who have become fully aware of Israeli control over American politics.  And how far our government goes to pacify the terrorist parasitic nation of Israel and their Mossad, and their false flag attacks all over the world.  Israel and Zionist are far far worse than Hitler could ever be.  The "Bloody butcher of Israel" Ariel Sharon must have been Hitlers twin, indeed.

 Pity there is little truth or serious research done or allowed about this and the International Jew or World Zionism.  Pretty soon America will be silenced by Jews and their hate crime speech legislation just like they were behind it all in England, Canada, France, and Germany.  Illegal to discuss Jews or challenge any of their revisionist history or false teachings there.

Pity Americans have been so brainwashed and afraid to think on their own, or nothing but sheeple thanks to politically correct Zionist led public schools and curriculums.  My town and state will remain corrupt and oppressive until the matters of Jewish/Zionist control, pressure, corrupt courts, law enforcement, politicians, and money is addressed.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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The allegations made in this article and out-and-out lies and I accuse the authors of being neo-anti-Semites. The label is certainly fitting especially since Stephen Lendman is a featured interviewee at the VT website. Both the Israeli and U.S. governments conducted extensive inquiries and issued reports that concluded the attack was a mistake due to Israeli confusion about the identity of the U.S.S. Liberty.

After this incident occured, Israel apologized to President Lyndon Johnson and paid compensation to the families of slain or injured service members. Israeli pilots mistook the Liberty to be an Egyptian vessel in which the area itself was a hot bed of hostilities on both sides at the time due to the fact that the Six-Day War was being fought between Israel, Egypt and Jordan.  

Furthermore, a day prior to the incident Israeli warplanes accidentally attacked an Israeli convoy near town of Jenin in the West Bank. Mistakes happen including during wartime.