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Carol Paul on Rand's Endorsement

Carol Paul Speaks about Rands Endorsement of Romney and Ron Paul 6-13-12:

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Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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That the American people has nothing to do with odd politicians like Ron Paul, much more make him President of the United States is REALLY VERY DIFFICULT for you to understand, duh...!

Comment by SamFox
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Joe V shoots off his mouth, again thinking his opinion should be treated like gospel truth. And again, Joe puts up NO citations to back up his bilge water. Joe posts like a Homer Simpson owned by Spooky Dude lackey.

 Well, then again, if Joe & other Ron Paul detractors like

the way the military industrial complex feed$ on the blood of our young & the trea$ure of the think the UN is actually a good thing & refuse to note the threat it is to US sovereignty via 'programs' like Agenda 21 & Codex...don't care that the UN-Constitutional 'Federal' Reserve is privately owned & is the basis for all our financial woes via over printing fiat $$ backed by NOTHING & care not for the resulting inflation...


Could care less that we are becoming a centrally planned socialist/Marxist nation...could give a hoot that we are pushing 16 TRILLION in debt, not counting unfunded liabilities...are not bothered by the expanding police state & militarized cops...are convinced that 'they hate us because we are free' & totally ignore that our interventionist foreign policy screams for more blowback like 9-11...

Then yeah, Ron Paul would be a terrible POTUS. Especially if you are an enemy of the way the USA  was originally set up & detest personal freedom would Ron Paul be a horrible choice. 

Thing is, a LOT of We The People do NOT share Joe's NWO vision of the USA. 

Joe scores another FAIL!


Comment by AntiAcidNo1
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You can be there for the ride, but just don't fool the people that you are the next President of the United States.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
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You can talk how good a husband Ron Paul is to you, forever! But he will be the worst president if he ever gets elected to office. That's why the American people see to it that he will never get that chance to become President of the United States.  How difficult this is to understand?