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Moyers to Americans: Read the Declaration of Independence this July 4

This week on “Moyers and Company,” host Bill Moyers reminded us that July 4 is approaching and asked Americans to take the time this year to read one of our nation’s founding documents. The moment Congress ratified the Declaration of Independence, messengers on horseback were dispatched to all 13 colonies so that it could be to cheering crowds, Moyers said. It was a document that was meant to be read out loud, and many of its truths still ring true today. Moyers urged Americans to take time to read the Declaration of Independence this July 4, either privately to themselves or aloud with a group. “The founders surely knew,” Moyers said, “that when they let these ideas loose in the world, they could never again be caged.”

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Comment by Conrad Krosky (45217)
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I once worked as a medical assistant in a Psychiatric Clinic when I was still in college. I have gathered substantial knowledge of what the reality of the mind is all about.

As if I didn't read a malware, like editor Gammill's malicious comment. What JV said is true. Inside a disturbed mind, as what it is in the editor's vicious mind, they have their own different reality. In this case their own interpretation of Independence is only for them to understand and for no one else who would rightly think they are so crazy.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville (44376)
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Take this from me ... from JV, for your important information and safety.

All those who know how to read and write must read the Declaration of Independence, except those radical "Smart Alecks" from the "lunatic fringe" whose creative INTERPRETATION of what Independence means is beyond the grasp of ordinary human being.

For example, Independence is "slavery", taxation is "robbery", and the United States is an "Evil Empire" that must be destroyed by terrorists, Government means "thuggery", government officials should be killed and all cops should be shot dead, and all other sorts of macabre interpretations of life in the United States, as all pure supernatural evil -- the graffiti of reality they paint in their hip-hop mind.

To these out-of-this-world punkies of society that irritate us "leaving painful itching welts" in the skin of our comfort zone, you need no Moyers to persuade them to read the Declaration document. It has a different meaning to them anyway – meanings as weird as they are coming from the "lunatic fringe".

According to a scientific study released by the National Institute of Health, a militia mentality created by extreme hatred of the Federal Government is always a dangerous kind of lunacy. And I have warned you as the FBI Watch List most likely prints their names in bold red letters, that they are a greater threat than Al Qaeda is, to the safety of Americans, and to our national security.

Preparing a "kill list" for them is the least President Obama can do whose duty is to protect all American citizens from harm, here and abroad.

Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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I find it hard to believe Moyer's has read it.  Nor that he would want Americans to read it let alone comprehend it.  Nor want Americans to have to tools to uphold the document in spirit or practice.

So I have to believe Bill can say this because he knows that less than 1% of 1% of the few that listen to what he has to say would actually read it ... all the way through ... and comprehend what it says despite being written in simple clear English for a more literate public in its day and an illiterate King who only spoke German.