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And Lo, The Mighty Have Fallen

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Cash-strapped Scranton, Pa., has slashed pay for all city employees—including police and firefighters—to minimum wage, sparking furor among unions that now say they plan to sue in federal court.
A lawyer representing three unions told Scranton's Times-Tribune he will file several motions, including one to hold Mayor Chris Doherty in contempt of court for violating a judge's order to pay full wages.
The lawyer, Thomas Jennings, said he also expects to file a pair federal lawsuits on behalf of the unions—International Association of Firefighters Local 60, the Fraternal Order of Police E.B. Jermyn Lodge 2 and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 2305—alleging the city failed to pay proper wages and overtime, and cut benefits for disabled police and firefighters without a proper hearing.
"Pick a law," Jennings told the Times-Tribune. "They violated it."
Last week, Doherty abruptly cut pay for all 398 city employees to $7.25 per hour, saying it was the only way to keep Scranton solvent.
According to the paper, Scranton—which faces a $16.8 million budget deficit—had $133,000 in cash on hand as of Monday, but owed $3.4 million in various vendor bills, including health insurance.

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Comment by PureTrust
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If the city employees all quit, and go to work for Wal-mart... look at how successful Wal-mart has been. Maybe we should make Wal-mart our government.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 I wonder if the mayor and city council cut their own salaries and benefits in order to make ends meet.

Of course they haven't, silly question -- forget I even asked.