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Why You Should Quit Politics

•, by Kaleb Matson

You’re young, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, you’re zealous for liberty, and in some capacity or another you want to spend your life in the meaningful pursuit of a better world. What do you do with your life? In this article I’m going to argue that if your goal is liberty, electoral politics is the last path you should consider. Then I will suggest a far more exciting, fulfilling, enriching, and – most importantly – effective path to a better, freer world.

"In dealing with the problems of social and economic policies," Mises writes, "the social sciences consider only one question: whether the measures suggested are really suited to bringing about the effects sought by their authors." The entire course of your life will be shaped by your answer to this question. Even more, the entire course of history has been shaped by various leaders’ answer to this question. Isn’t it the basic source of all political divisions? Putting aside all the polarizing rhetoric of opposing sides, does anyone honestly believe political leaders set out with an end goal of misery, poverty, famine, genocide, holocaust, war and atrocities?

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Comment by PureTrust
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This is a great article. It, or one like it, was posted in FP several weeks ago.

There is a non-political, semi-commercial "method" that would destroying the Fed and the IRS, automatically, by its nature. It could use things like Bitcoin and the Dime Card program in a special way, but it could use the US Dollar right along with IRS law to do the same thing. Can anyone think of what it might be and how it might work?

Samfox and Hawkeye would love to know what this is. But it needs development. And, if it were ready to go, and implemented right this second, changes wouldn't happen overnight.