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India's Entering An Exclusive Military Club And There's No Turning Back

•, Geoffrey Ingersoll
 Within the next 18-months, India will commission it's first self-built nuclear submarine, complete with ballistics missiles fitted for nuclear warheads.

Currently only a handful of elite countries have the ability to launch nuclear ballistics missiles from beneath the water: US, Russia, France, China and the UK. But India's got it's foot in the door.

The country's first nuclear sub, the 6,000-ton behemoth named INS Arihant (or "Destroyer of Enemies") is just one of many late steps the country has taken to keep up with China in an accelerating arms race. Analysts consider the Asia-Pacific Area of Operations to be of intense focus for many global players.
India's sub is part of it's Advanced Technology Vessel program, a program they consider vital to future nuclear deterrence in the region. India has a "no first strike policy," which means their launch capabilities must remain intact for return fire, a nuclear sub gives them that extra dimension.


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Unfortunately the sub will have no running water and electricity will only be available at certain times of day.