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God Is Such a Waste of Time -- Not to Mention "Hell" and the Burning U.S. Embassies

• Frank Schaeffer, Huff Post
With friends like this, God needs no enemies. People "defending" God have completely screwed up America and our politics. And their version of "God" fucked up the first half of my life too. Yes, this IS a movie review as well as a theologically-induced PTSD-unhinged RANT. I could have been painting a picture. I could have been playing with my grandchildren. Instead I was talking about God because I'm in a movie about hell. 
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Talking about hell in and of itself is a waste of time because if there is a "God" no one knows anything about him/her or it and they never will, let alone about what he/she or it will "do" about the "lost." But there are people, lots of them, who think hell is real because it fits their kill-your-neighbor-if-he-looks-at-you-funny vision of "life."

And they think they know all about God too. They think they "know" so much that they burn down American embassies to defend their God and his prophet against some half-assed loons who made a fake 14-min movie and put it on YouTube. They think they know so much that they steal land from Palestinians based on Bronze Age myths in their "Bible" that "gives" them the land. They know so much that they bully the gay boy or girl in their high school somewhere in that desert called "Middle America" in order to do their dumb "god's" will. It doesn't matter what label these people claim -- Muslim, Jewish or Christian -- they are all really in the grip of the same delusion: we have THE TRUTH and you don't!

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Comment by PureTrust
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I went and looked the word "god" up in the dictionary again. Since you can do it, I won't repeat the entire definition here.

One of the entries was, "the one Supreme Being, the creator and ruler of the universe."

The idea that we can't know anything about God is true from the standpoint of us finding anything out on our own. After all, we can't even agree on the interpretation of much of the scientific knowledge that we dredge up. Yet, the very definition of God shows that He knows everything that there is to know about the Universe, while we are just beginning to find a few things out about it.

So, the simple question I ask - not from a standpoint of any religious group, or of any religion at all - is how do we know that God can't or doesn't make Himself known, in His own ways, to people who want to know about Him?

The fact that there are surprises in life - whether birthday parties or car accidents - shows us that we don't know everything about our "way" in life. Perhaps it shows us that we don't know ANYTHING about out way in life.

Science has shown us that nature, the Universe, and especially life are EXTREMELY complicated. If life were simple, we would have figured out how to live a thousand years rather than only a hundred (if that). Since we can't seem to figure out how to add very many years to our lives through good health habits (and even then we are not sure), how can we be sure that all the things that WE JUST KNOW are going to happen, and then DO happen, have not been pre-programmed into life just like the surprise of the birthday party or the car accident? We don't!

How can we say with certainty that there is not a God. After all, the complexity of the Universe suggests that there is... just like the dictionary definition.