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The Failure of the Libertarian Movement

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Turn on a television after midnight some time and watch the churches that offer prayer for the sick, the depressed, and the overwhelmed. At first you’ll probably be put off by it and angered by hucksters who are selling things that they can’t possibly deliver. But if you stay with it for a few minutes, you may see something important.

Look at the people in the pews. Don’t just classify them as a group of stupid people – look at them – see the individuals. These are people who know they need help. They know that they are in pain, that they have failed to become what they should be, that they have hurt others, that they are lost in the middle of a confusing world, and that they don’t know a way out.

These people are not morons. They know that dipping slips of paper with their names on them into holy oil is silly. But they overlook the stupidity, because they’re desperate for help. And don’t kid yourself, they do get some temporary help from these places. Yes, they are also removed from their money, but if they go to that church, they will be surrounded by people who will try to help them. Humans are clever creatures, and when they try to help each other, they often succeed. (This help will come from the other attendees, not the guy with the holy oil.)

You can complain all you like about the huckster, but he’s only in business because people have nowhere better to turn. They’re sitting in front of the TV at 1 AM because they are depressed, guilty, desperate, and they need something.


So, what if there was a group of people who had the answers to these problems, who knew how to eliminate the pressures that caused them? And what if those people didn’t have the sense to recognize it and spread it? How would you describe them?

Well, take a look in the mirror, Mr. and Ms. Libertarian, because that’s you.

I was one of the early libertarians. We were engineers and analysts and financial experts. We knew math and analysis, science, and the intricacies of law. If you wanted to know how property rights led to increased financial output, we could tell you immediately. If you asked aloud why central control of commerce led to shortages, five of us would turn around to enlighten you. But we were insular; we were contained. We didn’t appreciate that we held the world’s cure in our hands.

I’m not trying to be critical here; I was a part of it all. But the truth is that we missed the biggest philosophical opportunity of the century; we failed to see how our new truth applied to millions of people who needed help so badly that they’d put up with TV hucksters.

Our Enemies Judged Correctly

We really should have known. We’ve all had the experience of people embedded in the state system flying into a wild rage upon hearing our ideas. We thought we were just talking about economics, but they acted as if we were trying to destroy everything they loved.

Our enemies thought our ideas were far more powerful than we did.

And they were right; we didn’t appreciate what we had.

If our message is ever understood by average people (and it isn’t hard to understand), the systems that treat them like farm animals will simply vanish. They have a stunning amount to gain from our discoveries, and whatever pain they take along the way would be a joke compared to what the existing system lays upon them.

So, yes, our enemies’ judgments were right when they flew into malicious rages. And if we are grudgingly accepted by them now, it’s because we’ve been limited to abstract and confusing areas like finance and politics.

Simple Truths

How many personal problems do you suppose thrive on low self-esteem?

How many personal disasters happen because people are afraid to act on their own judgment?

The answer to both of these questions is “most of them.”

So, why are self-esteem and judgment at such abysmal levels? The answer is simple: Because the state and its agents are dedicated to this result. They’ve been doing this since their inception, and they have no other choice. Can you imagine trying to get tax money out of people who felt perfectly confident in themselves and their own judgments?

Governments are necessarily against human will. If they can’t make us feel that our desires and judgments are shameful, their entire operation will collapse. Their game requires Joe Average to feel insecure and flawed.

Our enemies were right to freak out. Now it’s time for us to agree with them, and to start fixing the world.

We hold the cure in our hands. It’s time to break out of our bubbles and start distributing it. Once people see that the pressures crushing them are artificial, they will begin shrugging them off.

Paul Rosenberg


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Comment by PureTrust
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Here is the beginning of the libertarian failure. Take every instance of the word "government" in this article, and replace it with "the thing that is assumed to be the government." If you start teaching the people by this simple change, and if you can back it up with an understanding of the different forms of the way "the thing that is assumed to be the government" governs, the people might start to wake up. Yet, this article doesn't quite make it. The article might be a good prelude to people waking up about "the thing that is assumed to be the government," but the article doesn't call it what it is. The article still calls it "government."

Since the article starts out with a religious aspect, consider Romans 13 in the Bible. This is the Bible chapter that seems to suggest that we are all supposed to bow to Government, that is, to "the thing that is assumed to be the government." It is the GREAT government chapter of the whole New Testament, and maybe the whole Bible.

Romans 13:1 (NIV):
Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

Does God establish wicked authorities so that wickedness will grow? No, that's not His idea at all. Wicked authorities are there to control a wicked people.

Nowhere throughout Romans 13 does God (speaking through St. Paul) tell us who our government is supposed to be - other than God, that is. How does a government become our government? Think about it. I mean, if you got rid of your U.S. citizenship, and moved and took up citizenship in Ecuador, who then is your government, and how did they get into the position of being your government?

The point is, is the U.S. Government, and your particular State Government truly your Government? If they are, how did they get that way, and is there a way to change it if you don't like it? Or might there be a way to make the whole thing beneficial for you to keep THEM as your Government?

Since we have been talking about the assassination of Billy Foust lately in this forum, go to and watch the 18 videos there - maybe download them so that you have them in case they disappear of YouTube - and start to see the ways that you have been HAD, and the things you can do about it. Then study stuff all over the Internet about this.