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Excess Reserves at the Federal Reserve. One of The Biggest Financial Scams In History: A Whopping US

Banks’ excess reserves at FED is one of the biggest scam by the FED and there is a conspiracy of silence as to its actual implications. Economists and financial analysts spewing nonsense to mislead and divert attention to non-issues so that the public is kept in the dark.

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Comment by PureTrust
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This is an extremely good article. It shows how the banking system is a gigantic scam. And it does it in simplified form

One of the best parts of the article shows that many people are starting to wake up to the fact that the banks don't loan money... that, rather, when you take out a loan, it is the bank that is borrowing the money from you.

IF we can find attorneys who are willing to study this, and then act on behalf of clients who have lost everything in foreclosure and such, we just might be able to reverse garnishments, etc., so that the banks and creditors are required to repay the people who lost everything. I look forward to the day, even if it collapses the banking system entirely.

Gold, silver and Bitcoin.