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Eric Holder: 'Stand your ground' laws create 'dangerous conflict'

• AP

Florida's already-controversial Stand Your Ground law garnered a new critic Tuesday: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

Speaking at the NAACP’s annual convention in Orlando, Holder said the time had come “to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.”


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Comment by chris gill
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From the person who saw no civil rights or crime with black panthers 
threatening voters in polling places, allows them to communicate death threats and allows race baiters to stir up violence. 

Comment by Temper Bay
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A Freeman and a Slave were walking along a road one day when a thug with a sword jumped out at them and demanded their money.  The Slave immediately ran away crying that his Master had ordered him to run from such men.  The Freeman said, "I am not a slave.", drew his own sword and cleaved the thug from gullet to groin, then peacefully continued his journey.   

Comment by PureTrust
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Holder is kinda right, you know. It's just that he doesn't know how right he is... or does he? Here's how he is right... and how he is wrong.

Holder is right, not only about STAND YOUR GROUND laws, but about all laws that try to codify your rights. Why? Because when you see a law that gives you freedom to exercise your rights, it causes you to forget that your rights are NOT AT ALL dependent upon laws. Because of this, there can be a lot of neighborhood conflict between people trying to exercise their rights, and people trying to remain within a law that modifies or limits their rights. Why does it modify or limit their rights? Because they are tricked into believing that they don't have the rights in the first place, and that it is the law that gives them permission.

Holder is wrong because he, like his Nazi-minded master, is trying to get us all to depend on codifications rather than on natural, God-given rights. All Government has convinced a good portion of law enforcement to believe that there are few if any rights, and that everything depends on the legal code.

Forget the codifications of law and stand up for your rights!