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Last Chance for Liberty (by Matt Papke)

• Free Tempe
Hello Patriots! 

You can make things better, you can make the American Dream a reality again! You have held the line and now we are advancing on tyranny. More and more of us are waking up every day to the idea that Government might not have your best interests at heart. More and more of you are taking up the duties to secure our liberties for now and for the for future. There's vastly more of us than them, we only need to stand up for ourselves and our Country.
Your help is needed today. Fellow Americans need you, they need your leadership and knowledge. We have tyranny on the run. The light you have shown upon them has caused them to flee into the shadows. Across the Nation and across Arizona, Constitutionalists are standing up and shouldering the cause. Many are doing this by running for local offices or backing up those who do. Sheriffs, from the Appalachians to the Rocky Mountains, are saying NO to new gun laws. A handful of Senators and a growing number of Representatives are falling in line with the people, and voting for freedom.
It is time to draw our own lines in stone, not sand, and take back our communities! We must change our local Government first if we are to think for one second we will change the course of a nation! And you can do it, it's already happening.
Free Tempe
It's my profound belief, we all must run for some type of office in our local towns. "In order to change Government you have to become Government". Therefore I am running for City Council in Tempe, Arizona. It is time to change the conversation and to bring the people back into power. It starts at home, then with your neighborhood and now your town. Please help me Free Tempe, a city where the operating budget has increased by $100 Million in the last 6 years, the debt is climbing, and special interest groups continue to cash in while the tax payers foot the bill. Please donate today and plant your flag for Liberty with me.
2014 is coming quickly, I encourage each and every one of you to run for some office: school board, corporation commission, or development commission, there are so many offices to chose from.  If not you, then consider who will? More of the same statists and oath-breakers! You are plenty smart enough, and our massive and growing movement of Patriots in Arizona will help fund your campaign. We have to stand up to tyranny and corruption at every opportunity, and it starts in your back yard.  
I have put my words into action. I need your support, please help me to help America reclaim her sovereignty. 
Thank you
You are the R3VOLUTION 

If you can, please join me at our Official Campaign Kick off Party "Grab Your Slice of Freedom" Saturday August 17th 12PM-2PM at Nello's Pizza.

Nello's Pizza Tempe
1806 E Southern Ave, Tempe, Arizona AZ
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Please RSVP at this link.