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Brooklyn Is Not Baghdad: What Is the CIA Teaching the NYPD?

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.... When the CIA was created in 1947, lawmakers instructed it not to exercise “police, subpoena, or law enforcement powers or domestic security functions.” Congress’s aim to prevent Agency operations at home is plain, but the exact nature of forbidden “domestic security functions” is now defined in large part by secret rules....

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Comment by PureTrust
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In Health, if you catch a bug that is going around, your immune system fights it off. If you get cancer, your immune system often doesn't have the capability to recognize which cells are the cancerous ones, and which are the healthy ones. So, you get in there with surgery, radiation and chemo. But, ask any doctor. Surgery, radiation and chemo often don't work. Often the accepted medical procedures produce only temporary health regarding cancer. Sometimes they spread the cancer they are trying to prevent.

Nutritional methods for fighting cancer act differently. Nutritional methods attempt to get to the source of the cancer, heal it, and then the body heals itself of the cancer.

We need to get to the source of the terrorist problems in America. It used to be that foreign terrorists couldn't do much, because they didn't have enough funding. But now that we have built up their nations by funding Middle East oil, they have the funds - our funds - to arm themselves enough to attack us. And when they attack us from within, it is like a cancer in the society of America.

Does fighting American terrorism cancer succeed when we use force - police, CIA, military - within America? NO! It's just like the surgery, radiation and chemo used in medical cancer. It might produce temporary results. It might seem to work for a little while. But then the cancer comes back with a vengeance. We need to get to the source.

What is the source of the terrorism cancer in America? It's Government corruption. It is Government leaders seeking to line their own pockets by supporting foreign oil. It is government leaders sending the troops into America to put down American patriotism, all in the guise of protecting Americans from terrorism. And it is Government leaders hiding and attempting to hide, through a jumble of misguided laws and court cases, the methods that Americans could use to legally free themselves from TERRORISM IN GOVERNMENT.

The time may come when the Governmental form of terrorism is put down. It might take the dissolution of Government. But until that time comes, we really need to inform ourselves about the whole law, foundational law (Constitution, Northwest Ordinance, Magna Carta), codified law, and common law (court cases). We need to form more and more interacting support groups; there are many that are started already. And we need to be bold and brave, and fight the good fight against the source of terrorism cancer in America... leaders in Government.