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Millennials Devastated As American Dream Becomes Nightmare For Most

•, by Tyler Durden
 As WSJ reports, only about a third of adults in their early 20s works full-time - the lowest rate in 40 years - as the combination of structural changes and this recession "is devastating for millennial." Despite think-tanks demanding more of employers in terms of workplace rules and minimum wages, the reality is workers are expected to do more for less and be grateful - "this is a huge problem when think of where demand is going."

The young are earnings less and less relative to the average earnings in the US...

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Comment by PureTrust
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We kinda, sorta have three basic choices.

1. Strive to keep the present system going, which means ever increasing slavery worldwide.

2. Let the current system collapse, which will usher in what looks and feels like a better time for a short while. Then it will turn out to be even worse.

3. Turn back as a nation and world, to the God of the Bible.

We will opt for #2 of course. The system would crash itself (#1), anyway, if we didn't bring it down. And, as for God? Most people can't think deeply enough to realize that God is the truth. God is getting kinda pissed about supporting freedom for a bunch of idiots who don't want to acknowledge Him.

Oh, by the way. After #2 proves to be worse than anything that has come along in the past, God will come formally, in person, and set things straight. If you are against Him now, it will be too late to change to being on His side then.

Comment by TL Winslow
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