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Despite All Of Its Surveillance Capability, The NSA Still Depends On Hackers

•, Geoffrey Ingersol

Well, despite the rather obvious fact that the NSA has access to the haystack — a euphemism for all web communications — it still relies on hackers to find the needle.

That's because the web is largely still encrypted. 

Recent stories have indicated that the NSA has pulled out all stops to degrade encryption — putting plants in the right positions in the tech industry, coercing companies to insert backdoors in software and hardware, etc.

The NSA takes those routes because brute force attacks on encryption — with the NSA's super computers guessing umpteen passwords a millisecond — simply cannot keep up with current encryption technology.

Even Edward Snowden said encryption still works.

So the NSA has constructed an elite group of hackers to attack target computers — what they call "end point" exploitation — prior to communications entering the encrypted ether of the Internet.

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Comment by PureTrust
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"These 17 Agencies Make Up The Most Sophisticated Spy Network In The World"

I didn't add up the expenses for all these spy agencies... probably couldn't because some of them wouldn't reveal their expenses... but it is at least hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Now what do you suppose they need all that spying for?

This report is public. The world can see it. But where is the report on Russian spying? How much does China spend on spying every year? How about our so-called enemies in the Middle East? What about Japan? The countries of South America?

In fact, where is the enemy that could begin to mount a military against us that is close to as large as our spy agencies alone? There isn't any. We are indisputably the greatest military power in the world. So what in the world are we spying on?

Actually, there is ONLY ONE POWER in the world greater than our military. There is only one thing that needs to be spied on, because it is the only thing that could take us down. What is that one great thing that is greater than our military and spy agencies combined? IT IS THE FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE!

Our freedom can take down the military. Why? Because the military is made up of us.

Our freedom can take down our Government. Why? Because our Government is made up of us.

So, who is afraid of our freedom so much that they would spend hundreds of $billions on spying on our freedom? The Power Elite, Super Bankers who realize that once we are free from their money, the U.S. Dollar, their wealth and power will fail and die.