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William Kristol: Israel-Hater

• Lew Rockwell blog
Not feeling at all chastened over his role in pushing the US into war in Iraq based on his lies and those of his neoconservative allies, William Kristol has now taken to the pages of his Weekly Standard to peddle more lies to push Israel into a war of its own. Kristol, whose teeth you can literally hear gnashing in his latest furious missive, is desperately egging Israel on to attack Iran and thereby unleash what will no doubt be mass mayhem and carnage throughout the region, including on Israel itself.

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Comment by Robert Staeheli
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Are you kidding. Kristol a Jew Hater. Israel will be the ones who attack first, its just a matter of time and the US OK, Cuz we'll be following them in. What are you smpking to say such a thing a Kristol is a Jew hater. He's a Jew as well and know that Israel want to go in and he is giving them cover. Wake Up America.

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