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Outgoing Company Commander: ‘I Hate You All’

Good morning everyone. I’d normally begin with our unit motto, but after two and a half years of starting every meeting and discussion with it, I just don’t think I can stomach it anymore. So I’ll say good morning like a normal human being.
I should probably thank my battalion commander for the opportunity to command this company over the last few years, in both combat and garrison, but I think I’d rather go out into the parking lot and key his car for saddling me with the greatest collection of idiots, malingerers, and criminals that have ever walked the face of this earth.
You’ll notice my wife and daughters aren’t here sitting in the audience today. That’s because Sheila left me six months ago when I had to skip our 10th anniversary trip to Jamaica so I could come in on a Sunday for unit PT, since one of you dipshits decided to go out and get his third DUI.


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Comment by PureTrust
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Me and Zebedee was out repairin' the nets when he heard about your comment. He backs you all the way. Me too.

Comment by John Boanerges
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You KNOW that this is satire and did NOT occur, that dufflebag is a military version of The Onion, so, why did you present it without caviat?