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Bitcoin Vs Twitter

 One of these is an "asset" that produces no profit based on an underlying architecture with low barriers to entry,  the other is a virtual currency... and remember: Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, doesn't trade at 1000x 2013 (or 340x 2014) EBITDA, and is nowehere near 40x it next year's revenues. It is, after all, simply a non-fiat currency. Which is why it is a bubble, and why, according to experts, Twitter is a screaming buy.
What a difference a little propaganda makes?

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Comment by Ed Price
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Seems to me that the only way you can buy into Twitter is through a government regulated broker. It is the stock market.

Bitcoin is open and free. The only real regulators consist of the free market, though I'm sure there are folks trying to regulate it through their buying and selling.

If you dropped the investing idea from both of them, would they still be used? Yes! Which would have more value for the use benefits it offers? Who knows? They are different fields.

I'm sure there are folks who tweet as they transfer bitcoins, because Bitcoin has no real message system. Is Twitter encrypted, or can it be made to be by an app? There could be great value in a combined app that used both to transfer encrypted money and encrypted messages at the same time. Think of how big the bubble of such an app might be.

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