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NASA's plan to build homes on the Moon:

•, Ellie Zolfagharifard
 Creating structures in space that astronauts can live in has become a priority for Nasa.

With a manned mission to Mars on the agenda, and plans for lunar exploration underway, scientists are increasingly looking towards unconventional construction methods.

The most promising of these is 3D printing, which could make building a lunar home in space a matter of pressing a button and letting a robot do the work.

Nasa has now provided funding to the University of Southern California to develop a specific 3D printing technique known as Contour Crafting.

According to researchers, Contour Crafting could allow computer-controlled machines to build houses within 24 hours.

The layered fabrication technology sees concrete, or other material such as lunar soil, applied in a pre-determined design by a nozzle on a moveable gantry.

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