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Humans to be put out to pasture in favor of robot farm workers

 First, mega-farms drove the majority of family farms out of business. Next, the price-gouging, genetically-modified seed corporation Monsanto played out its costly, destructive drama on the national stage. Now a new threat is looming, one that might just put every last farm worker in the world out of a job: robots.

From crop dusting mini helicopters to berry-plucking rovers reminiscent of tiny tanks, these robo-workers are poised to take over almost every aspect of farm management. Pictured above is Wall-Ye, the tiny tank designed to trim grape vines and navigate vineyards.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Love it !

If the robots can be built to handle every job...

Think of going on vacation for the rest of your life. Robots make the products, even repair themselves for free, and we enjoy the products, for free.

No forced relaxation, though. Anytime someone wants to work along side the robots, he is allowed.

Just think, if you would be bored with such a scenario, you could work on becoming like the Power Elite... who have so much money that the only fun thing in life for them is conquering the world!