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The Poorboy Version: Prepping When You're on a Tight Budget

•, By N.S.

Due to some peculiarities of our situation (my work being part-time and his factory neglecting the paperwork) neither of us could get unemployment. So we had literally zero income for around six months of job search. We sold some things, the truck got repo'ed, etc... During this time we learned a lot about frugality, what true luxury is, and how far you can stretch when you really have to. Here are some basic principles in no particular order:

1. There is always a way to do it cheaper.

It might not be as fast, efficient, neat, or convenient...but there's always a way. In the overwhelming majority of instances, you are trading your money for someone else's time. (Examples: store bought bread costs up to ten times as much as home-baked. A bus ride--for those on transit lines--costs, while the mare is much cheaper it takes longer. Homespun hats and mitts and scarves take LOTS of time, but very little money.)

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