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Open-source DIY Tabby car can be constructed in 60 minutes

•, By Bridget Borgobello
 In recent years we've seen a popular surge in open source furniture models, tricycles and even housing designs, but a build-it-yourself two to four passenger vehicle with a chassis that can be assembled in less than 60 minutes is pretty exciting stuff.
The OSVehicle project was launched late last year and aims to open the door to a new platform where an economic and road legal vehicle can be built by smaller organizations, or even by individuals who are happy to get their hands dirty. The OSVehicle open source platform has set itself up to create an "IKEA"-type of car, giving folks the basic design and mathematics to construct and complete their very own passenger vehicle.
"The design feature of the OSVehicle platform provides simplicity, modularity and ease of access," the OSVehicle team tells Gizmag. "We think that the concept of the 'IKEA car' (a modular car that is easy to assemble) is a super powerful concept. You just need to buy a kit and you’re done. Oh, and a shed and two mechanics will do."

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