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Hacked milling machine spreads graffiti poetry around town

•, Michael Trei
Skryf started life as a CNC milling machine used for woodworking, but Van Bon hacked it so that instead of cutting wood, it lays down a thin line of fine white sand as it goes. The computer controlled cutting head now holds the sand dispenser, and moves so that the letters are laid down as neatly as any typewriter.
Van Bon travels around the world with Skryf, visiting festivals and art exhibitions, and at each location he uses the machine to write poetry and literature suited to the locality. In the video below you can see Skyrf writing in the city of Eindhoven in southern Holland, where Van Bon has programmed it with the poetry of local city poet Merel Morre. Skyrf can write about 525 feet a day, so it can get a good long piece of text down if needed. Still, you'll have to read fast, because Skryf's writing tends to disappear almost as fast as it's written. Anything from pedestrians to the wind simply brushes the letters away, and if that doesn't do the trick, Van Bon himself will walk over the text after the machine is done.

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