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"Stop hitting yourself!"

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.... "Resisting arrest" isn't wrong- especially when you are being kidnapped under a counterfeit "law".

Never stop resisting.  If you find yourself under attack, kill your attacker if you have to, whoever it may be.  There needs to be a high price for being a thug, and sometimes it may be up to you to charge that price.

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Comment by Joeyman9
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Temper Bay (#034126).   While I agree with your desire not to live on your knees, the goal should always be to survive the encounter.  If you can extricate yourself from the situation you should be able to continue to live as a free human being outside the control of some bullying cop.  Your death in such a case does you no good and it is hard for me to see how it would do soceity any good (unless we need more martyrs).  As Washington say, "better to live to fight another day."

Comment by Temper Bay
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Freemen - death is prefered to life on your knees as a slave

Fairweather Americans - life on your knees as a slave is prefered to death


Comment by Joeyman9
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As I said on the authors site, if they have identified you and you kill, or even hurt them, you will either by killed by them or spend the rest of your life in prison (or until the govt falls - which will be sooner?).  

This is a life ending strategy with very little payoff.


Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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There exists a law, not written down anywhere but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.  Marcus Tullius Cicero