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Eat to Live or Live to Eat? / Veggie List 2/22/14 / Market Locations

• Tonopah Rob

Purple and Orange Cauliflower from Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm in Tonopah, Arizona

This picture shows off the beautiful colors of the Purple and Cheddar Cauliflower.  Purple Cauliflower was on the tables last weekend at the farm stand and the flavor is yummilicious!

This past weekend brought several new customers to my farm because their doctors told them they need to eat produce as all natural as possible.  Talking with one of my new farm supporters, the words “all natural” was discussed.  For years, all natural are two words that have been badly misused.  The stigma of what the general public is being taught by the government and big business is a down right lie.  My definition of “All Natural” means just that, it’s all naturally grown without the use of any sprays, bacterias, pesticides, chemicals or any other weird concoction but the words all natural has a very loose definition when it comes to advertising products like all natural ingredients in ketchup or all natural farm raised chickens when in fact those products are not all natural.  The all natural label allows pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s within their products and in organic produce production farmers have the choice to use over 700 different types of chemicals, sprays and pesticides.

Praying Mantis emerging from their egg case

Isn’t this a cool picture. Tonopah Rob placed over 500 Praying Mantid egg cases around the farm to help fight “bug warfare”.  This egg casing hatched over 350 hungry babies.

Consumers must educate themselves and ask questions about what the farmer feeds those chickens.  Are those chickens fed a certified organic feed that has no genetically modified grains like soy and corn? Fresh egg producers who use the words all natural can feed their hens genetically modified feed.  How does the consumer get what they are paying for? Education! Know all the questions to ask.  Go beyond the simple questions.  Ask about fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, types of feed used to raise animals.  Genetically modified alfalfa? GMO corn and soy?  Ask about the location source of the feed and how its grown?

There is an organization within the United States called Certified Naturally Grown.  There are hundreds of agricultural producers involved in the program.  This program allows certain synthetic substances, soaps and many other soft chemical sprays so why it’s called naturally grown is beyond me.

Over the next year I will be introducing a new phrase for my farming practices.  I am going to leave the phrase  all natural by the wayside and incorporate the term  “Nature Grown”.

My definition of Nature Grown is as follows: Fruits and vegetables that are grown the way nature intended.  I am beyond what the USDA “certifies” as Organic.  I strictly utilize only natures tactics to combat the elements.  For example; bug warfare, I purchase an X amount of ladybugs each year to combat aphid and other soft bodies insects that can be detrimental to crops and I use a mixed crop planting and if done correctly not only does it help rejuvenate the soil, it leads to higher crop yields and acts as a repellent of certain insects.  I plant according to moon cycles and wind direction. I DO NOT use any pesticide, herbicide, insecticide or synthetic fertilizers and NO GMO CROPS! 

A lady bug at Tonopah Rob's Vegetable Farm in Tonopah, Arizona

One of the many girls on the farm.  Miss Lady bug is foraging for aphid and insect eggs.

Doctors and naturopaths send their patients to my farm to get well because the food they’re eating is making them sick, weak and in some cases vitamin and nutrient deficient.  These people are eating to just live.  There are other people whom are healthy, strong and feel great these folks live to eat.  Whatever the circumstance, my farm is for you.  I grow many different varieties of vegetables and fruit throughout the growing season.  This season I am growing a carrot that has high levels of goodness to help fight cancer. It’s a great vegetable for chemotherapy patients.

This past week from the farm to the table offered many different types of veggies for people to stay healthy.  Fennel calms digestion, helps the pancreas to do its thing.  Broccoli and cauliflower aids the metabolic process to regulate the estrogen levels in humans and beets clean the liver and kidneys and is one of the best sources of plant nitrates, aids in vascular dilation (blood flow) and may help lower blood pressure.  Parsley is very high in iron, a good source for folks with anemia and has mega amounts of vitamin C.  Whether eating to live or living to eat come to the farm and indulge in its abundance.

Tonopah Rob gives farm tours on Saturday’s beginning at 9, 10 and 11 a.m.  There is a small fee for the guided tour.  Bring with you a hat, hiking boots, water and of course bring your big shopping bags and save your egg cartons.  We accept debit, credit and of course Washington’s, Lincoln’s, Jackson’s, and Bennie’s, oh yea and Hamilton’s.

There are 10 farm stand only full share and 5 super-duper CSA shares available.  Click onto the above link CSA Information and CSA Contract for details and help support the farm and give your family the awesome food they deserve. For those of you whom have exhausted your share, it’s time to renew, strawberry and tomato season is just around the corner.  You all keep up the good work and support my farm, we need everyone to be involved whether it’s volunteer work for produce, purchasing a CSA or introducing new friends and family to my Nature Grown farm.   Thank you for your support and readership, you guys rock!!!

Veggie List:

*Brussels Sprouts-fso
*Assorted Beets
*Bulk Bags of Juicing Root Crops
*Purple Top Turnips
*Assorted Lettuce Heads
*Salad Sweeties
*Corn Mache
*French Milan Rouge
*Sweet Kale
*Swiss Chard
*Salad Mix
*no more diamonds
*fso=farm stand only

Market Locations:

*St. Joe’s Market- Friday 8 to 12:30 p.m.
*Farm Stand in Tonopah, AZ - Saturday 8 to noon
*Stock Shop Farmers Market – Sunday 9 to 1 p.m.
*Creative Living Fellowship – Sunday 10 to 1 p.m.
*Anthem Farmers Market – Sunday 9 to 1 p.m.
*Goodyear Community Market is closed this Saturday for a special function.
*Fountain Hills Market is cancelled due to scheduling conflicts.