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Hitchcock 1945 Holocaust Documentary

• arclein
According to the Independent, Hitchcock’s documentary on the Holocaust was mothballed to the Imperial War Museum, much like the fictional Ark of the Covenant was at the conclusion of Steven Spielberg’s, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Upon discovering Hitchcock’s video record of the worst genocide in human history in a number of rusty video cans in the 1980′s, the Imperial War Museum painstakingly restored the film which has now finally been released for all to see.

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Comment by Ed Price
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With regard to the above, the documentary is set in such a way as to propagandize people into an emotional response without looking at all the specifics from all the various directions. I'm not going to go into a bunch of things - only one, mentioned below.

Is this to say that Hitler and his henchmen did nothing wrong? No! Absolutely not. They acted criminally in the worst way. But the Holocaust was dramatized way beyond what it should have been. Here's what I mean.

Stalin executed, in similar style as Hitler, possibly more than 3 times as many people as Hitler did. See: and Google: "Stalin's death squads."

Now, here's the interesting part of all this. Who did the United States make to be their ally? It was Stalin, and his death-squad Russia. In other words, we sided with a killer who was worse than Hitler by 3 or more times! But we focus on Hitler. Why? The answer is in the Lew Rockwell article, mentioned above.

Hitler's henchmen and death squad leaders were brought to justice. They were tried in war courts as war criminals. Many of them were executed for multiple murders. Yet, look what is coming in Amerika today. Police are often honored for killing innocent bystanders, killing kids, killing unarmed mentally disturbed people. In addition, they do no-knock raids, terrorize families, kill their pet dogs, and all kinds of atrocities. And our local Governmental leaders approve.

Where are the war courts to try and then execute the criminal, death-squad cops in Amerika?

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