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A World of Trouble

•, by Justin Raimondo
 Trouble is breaking out all over.

Ukraine – This is the epicenter of the latest cold war eruption. A gang of thugs backed by Russia is contending with another gang of thugs backed by the US and the EU for control of this bankrupt, historically problematic former Soviet republic. As the gateway to the oil rich steppes of Central Asia, Ukraine is a big prize in the battle for control of energy production and distribution – and neither side shows any sign of backing down.

Venezuela – After the death of strongman Hugo Chavez, a longstanding feud between the leftist government of this resource-rich but politically poor South American nation and Uncle Sam is boiling over into violence. With US aid pouring into the coffers of the anti-Chavista opposition, and the government cracking down ever harder, a peaceful resolution of the crisis seems unlikely.

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