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Leah Remini says Scientology was 'a lie,' she was a 'hypocrite'

• Los Angeles Times

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Comment by Ken Sutter
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 I get a kick out of these people that moan and groan about Scientology. Sure its expensive but I haven't heard of Scientology starting any wars lately, or doing a "dark Ages" thing on the public, or sponsoring governments to do genocide on their populace, or surpressing laws of physics, or running a "Feudal" system, or, or, or. The very things other politically correct religions have done for centuries and are still doing and getting away with scott free. They're the only "religion" I know of that actively fights the pharmaceutical inductry. And they seem to be doing a pretty darn good job showing up and assisiting people in any and all Natural disasters. Just a few of my observations on religions in general.      

Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Way back when, I had a vinyl-sided-cell mate (or officemate, if you prefer) who swore that L. Ron Hubbard founded "Scientology" on a bet.  The bet was based upon whether Hubbard could create a religion out of thin air.

In the 90's I read "Dianetics" (but it hasn't affected me, affected me, affected me!).  There were a few nuggets in there, a few observations worthy of note.  So, the "Church" is not the Holy Grail of religion.  Still, all lies - maybe a little harsh.  Just something that only a very few people (besides the founder(s)) can benefit from.

DC Treybil 

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