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Russia: OUT of the Swift System Starting TODAY?

•, by goldenequity
Well does Today start it?
Ron Paul sees the sanctions as an act of war, I think most of us in the 'tireless minority' of the DP agree.
Neocons, McCain, Rand, Obama see Russia simply as an invading, beligerent 'Gas station, masquerading as a Country'. Hubris.
One minute everybody is cheering Russia because 'what they are doing is lawful and what the west is doing is illegal'.
But IF 'Sanctions' result in 'allowing' other 'PetroCurrencies' the S might really HTF.
If our government messed up, our way of life starts changing drastically.
The economy has been on the cliffedge for a long time now and we let it happen.
Now (as a Country) we swallow the pill and take it like a man.
We KNOW it is going to happen sooner or later.

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