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Why America's Police Are Becoming So Militarized

•, The Economist
From the way police entered the house--helmeted and masked, guns drawn and shields in front, knocking down the door with a battering ram and rushing inside--you might think they were raiding a den of armed criminals.
In fact they were looking for $1,000-worth of clothes and electronics allegedly bought with a stolen credit card. They found none of these things, but arrested two people in the house on unrelated charges.
They narrowly avoided tragedy. On hearing intruders break in, the homeowner's son, a disabled ex-serviceman, reached for his (legal) gun. Luckily, he heard the police announce themselves and holstered it; otherwise, "they probably would have shot me," he says. His mother, Sally Prince, says she is now traumatised.
Gary Mikulec, chief of the Ankeny, Iowa police force, which raided Ms Prince's home in January, said that the suspects arrested "were not very good people". One had a criminal history that included three assault charges, albeit more than a decade old, and on his arrest was found to have a knife and a meth pipe.

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To remain free of tyranny the counter-measure to this militarization of our guards ( for they are no longer our 'guardians' ), is to learn and prepare for the ways and means of the guerrilla.

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