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2006 - "Geologists think there could be billions of gallons of oil under Nevada's...

•, by yogmama
  Maybe it's not about cows stomping out the endangered tortoise, but more about oil. Government loves bending over to big oil no matter who/what gets hurt as a result. Perhaps now in 2014 it's time to start fracking (the ranchers over in the name of the humble tortoise). "Four times each year, the Bureau of Land Management holds public auctions where wannabe wildcatters can be for the mineral rights on government land. The minimum bid is 2 bucks per acre, but spirited competition can drive the price much higher." "...It's a fascinating process, for the gamesmanship if nothing else. Bidders play their cards close to their chests. Since anyone can nominate a parcel to the auction, cagey oilmen have been known to pad the auction list with less desirable parcels as distractions for the competition. "

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Breaking: Sen. Harry Reid Behind BLM Land Grab of Bundy Ranch


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I wonder if the Feds think there is oil under that Nevada Ranchers land, and maybe that is the real reason they want to confiscate it?

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