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Homemade DIY CNC Machine using Step Motors, Dremel, and EMC2

 The abbreviation CNC stands for computer numerical control, and refers specifically to a computer “controller” that reads G-code instructions and drives a machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to fabricate components by the selective removal of material.

In simple words, a CNC is a machine which is controlled by a computer, and used to fabricate 3D objects.

This page will describe the process of building a CNC machine, from the design stage, the required materials and the process itself.


Still confused? Here’s a shot movie showing a CNC fabricating a printed electronic circuit board.
After seeing the movie, you must have understood how useful that kind of machine is for printing electronic circuit boards or manufacturing robot parts. This kind of machine helped tremendously cut the prototype manufacturing costs, and thus very useful for me. The only problem is – such a machine costs thousands of dollars.

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