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Is the U.S. Becoming a Police State?

 Police State:

1. A totalitarian state controlled by a political police force that secretly supervises the citizens’ activities.

1.) So is the U.S. a totalitarian state?
No. It’s an inverted totalitarian state.

Nazi Germany vs. U.S.

Nazi Germany: State dominated economic actors.
U.S.: Corporations control the government through political contributions and lobbying.

Nazi Germany: Constant political motivation (rallies support for leaders) with Nuremberg rallies, and Hitler Youth
U.S.: Persistent political apathy (allows leaders to do what they want).

Nazi Germany: Mocked democracy.
U.S.: Pretends to be the model of democracy for the whole world.

The US is a ‘managed democracy.’
Definition: a political form in which governments are legitimated by elections that they have learned to control.

We definitely have the policing power:
Over the last 25 years, civilian law enforcement has been increasingly militarized in America.

There has been a 4000% increase in “no knock,” military-armed SWAT raids over the past 30 years.

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People.  EVERYTHING coming at us, from the Federal level, is bullshit.  They have an AGENDA - which is NOT in the best interests of average Americans, including Military and Cops.

Ignore their bullshit, in all its manifestations, and be prepared to defend yourself, and your family from their goons - goon squads - like the BLM.

Non-violent, non-compliance is the #1 strategy.  Violence should ONLY be used in SELF-DEFENSE, against tyranny.

Military men, and Cops need to wake up to the NWO, and choose sides - either you work for the 1% and their bought-and-paid for Con-gress - or, you work for We, the People, of the United States.  Take your time.  Choose well.  Because if a shooting war breaks out, between Feds and 70+ WELL-ARMED Americans - you don't want to be on the wrong side.

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