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12 Cool Ways to Get the Most Nutrition from Your Veggies

•, By Deane Alban
 Most edible wild plants are too bitter, sour, astringent, tough, full of seeds, or dry to be enjoyable. Over the course of the last 12,000 years we’ve bred plants to taste better, to be more productive, and to be easier to harvest, store, and transport. But the real reason we eat, for nutrition, has rarely been a consideration!

Your brain needs a wide variety of nutrients found in plants. It needs vitamins, mineralsantioxidants to ward off free radical damage, and phytonutrients — compounds found in plants that promote human health. Scientists estimate there are over 10,000!

So while the food we now eat may be tastier and we can get it all year round, the cost is that its nutritional value has been left in the dust.