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Cool Idea: Using Tiny 3-D Printed Parts to Hack Other Products

•, By Joseph Flaherty
 It’ll be decades, if ever, before we can print a pair of Nikes. Luckily, Japanese design studio Takt Project predicts a future where mass-produced products and 3-D printed parts can be mashed up to create wild new wares.

To illustrate this concept they’ve used Muji’s muted home goods as building blocks for new, and occasionally bizarre, products by combining them with a few pieces of 3-D printed plastic. Some of these mods are minor—a set of legs makes previously unstackable storage containers a modular system. On the more extreme side, ensconcing a nearly platonic Muji alarm clock into a piece of orange plastic with a suction cup on one end turns a refined timepiece into a gadget that looks like something from the zaniest corner of the Akihabara. “With this unique leg, a simple and tasteless Muji clock has turned out to be an anthropomorphized and humorous product,” says Satoshi Yoshiizumi, one of Takt Project’s principles.

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