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SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft Packed with Big Science for Space Station (Infographic)

•, By Jennifer Lawinski and Anita Rahman
 The Dragon spacecraft is slated to launch in April 2014 atop a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Here's a look at some of the strange NASA science hitching a ride to the International Space Station on the Dragon's "wings":

Space Legs for Robonaut 2

NASA's humanoid Robonaut 2 droid has been on the space station since 2011, but was launched into orbit with only a torso, arms and head. Dragon will deliver two strange legs for Robonaut 2 as a technology demonstration. The legs are designed to allow Robonaut 2, or R2 as NASA calls it, to one day "walk" on the exterior of the International Space Station to make repairs.

NASA PhoneSat 2.5

NASA is redefining how to build satellites by merging smartphone technology with tiny cubesats. PhoneSat 2.5 is NASA's fifth smartphone-based cubesat mission. It is designed to be controlled from Earth via another smartphone.

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