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'Operation American Spring' Oddness Abounds

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Feeds were choppy to start with, and inclement weather delayed the start of the 'Operation', but eventually those who did show up for this PLANNED FAILURE worked their way from the Washington Monument to the end of the National Mall, where barricades were manned by Capital Police.
When the bike racks proved unworthy of stopping anyone, this video was taken:

After this happenned, all live streams and feeds were shut off.

Tank Girrl has some interesting videos from a different angle, plus a few interviews you may find interesting.

I can find NOTHING after this point!  No videos, no pictures, nada. 

I sure would like to know more, but right now things are tighter'n a gnat's ass.  If you have any links or pics or more info (like contact with someone on site) Please share them in the comments section below this article.


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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Forgot one -

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Either the blackout was too obvious or people are so wrapped up in the event they are slow to upload, here are a couple of the latest vids I can dig up showing live people doing live things at places recognizable: Col Harry Riley Interview During Day #3 Of OAS Benghazi Silent March Will it fizzle or will it gain momentum? Who knows, but stay tuned... Ed

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