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WA Juror Thrown Out and His Juror Duty Revoked...

•, raptoracid

On June 3, 2014 I was summoned to jury duty in Chelan County Superior Court. I looked for the State Mandated lock boxes that were accessible for me to lock up my weapon in a secure location, or an officer that could take my weapon and secure it for me. RCW 9.41.300 mandates that the courthouse provide a lockbox to secure my weapon. I was told by court Corrections Officer and the Sheriff's Deputy Campus Security Officer that they are not responsible for my weapon in any way and that I could lock it in my vehicle. After closely following Gavin Seim's videos under the same circumstance, I chose to video this encounter as well once met with opposition.


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Comment by Powell Gammill (13871)
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It is worse than that son. You are compelled by court order to be at threat court house under threat of arrest and deprivation of person and property failing that order. And the staff blocked your access to carry out that lawful order.

I would not be crying about my rights to serve on a jury. I know of no such right nor would I want one. Were I a defendant or their lawyer however, I might be wondering about the impartiality of the jury pool if the courthouse staff is blocking members of the pool from fulfilling their civil responsibility. That strikes me as contempt of court and interfering in the court process. Were I the prosecutor I might wonder at the contempt and name calling of government agents to prospective jurors.

Nice job son. :-D Expect that knock at the door.