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After Latest Mass Shooting, Sen. Feinstein & Co. Launch "The Pause for Safety Act" ....


Like clockwork just a couple of weeks after 22-year-old La Isla Shooter Elliot Rodger — who had been taking the psychotropic mediation Xanax for at least six months prior — reportedly killed seven people and injured another 13 — vehement anti-gun Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein joined fellow Dem. California Senator Barbara Boxer and Dem. Representative Lois Capps to introduce "The Pause for Safety Act".

The legislation would limit a person's ability to purchase or possess a gun if that person's family member(s) or "others" believe him or her to pose a threat to him/herself or others should he/she purchase or have a gun.

According to the press release on Sen. Barbara Boxer's website, The Pause for Safety Act would "empower families to prevent gun violence" three ways:

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Take a look into the legal system in California. Is THIS happening all around America?

The legal system of California hasn't had enough money to rebuild their court systems. But lately (within the last decade or so), they has found enough funds to "quietly" build a whole court system that has to do with psychological evaluations for freedom fighters in court. If you are sui juris in California courts, you just might find yourself ejected into the special, psychological courts system for evaluation in the eyes of the medical profession before you can even begin your case in the regular courts.