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Ron Paul and Charles Goyette on Against the State


PAUL:  It's an introduction to the freedom philosophy by Lew Rockwell, called Against the State.  I'm Ron Paul.

GOYETTE:  Ron Paul's America right after this.

From foreign wars to the war on drugs, from the assault on our civil liberties to the damage that the banker's Fed does, Lew Rockwell's new book covers it all.

PAUL:  It's a book well worth reading.  It's very necessary that this message gets spread around.  This book, along with the interest in the freedom philosophy, this is a time to assess what has gone on in the past.  Big government dictators, authoritarians, economic controls, they've all failed.  And it will be very important for as many people as possible to get hold of this book by Lew Rockwell, Against the State.  It's a very good book.  It should be read and the message should be spread.  I'm Ron Paul.

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