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Education: Private Secular Schools and Home School

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Are you worried about government schools brainwashing your kids? Are you worried about them being manipulated into political protests that undermine liberty and morality? Most importantly, do you want them to actually become educated people? Tom Wood

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Maryland -- Under the guise of preventing child abuse, lawmakers in Maryland have introduced a bill that will allow the state to intrude in the lives of innocent families, keeping tabs on them, and destroying their right to privacy.

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all "education" must be government approved...(Natural News) As the United States Constitution continues to become nothing more than a dated piece of paper in the eyes of the left, the federal government continues to grow, spreading like a plagu

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Perhaps the ease of the system lies in the fact that the Maya invented a numeral system as an instrument for measuring time - and not to do mathematical calculations. Therefore, the Mayan numbers have more to do with days, months and years, as well a

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World schooling" their two daughters, who are currently 12 and 8, has been on the minds of parents Sarah and Mike Blaine for many years, ever since they observed the changes being made in public schools. For Sarah, who is a former teacher, experien

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(Natural News) A new bill proposed in West Virginia could make the act of homeschooling equal to that of child abuse. Lawmakers feel that parents are denying their children an appropriate education. If passed into law, Bill SB 528 would prohibit home

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Raising children is no walk in the park, but it's even more difficult when the state dictates what you can and cannot do with your own family. Kiarre Harris is a devoted single mother, trying her hardest to provide her children with the best possib

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simply for homeschooling their own children...(Natural News) A major homeschooling organization has launched an investigation into how the New York public school system is treating parents who legally withdraw their children from the classroom in ord

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